Pool and Water Feature Design
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and Delaware Counties PA

Designing the Pool of Your Dreams

Dive Into Distinctive Waters

Picture the serene tranquility of a pool or the gentle serenity of a water feature seamlessly harmonizing with the natural beauty of your surroundings. Our Pool and Water Feature Design service doesn’t simply construct aquatic spaces; it crafts personalized aquatic experiences that rise above the ordinary. Our goal is not just to build a pool or water feature but to create an immersive aquatic oasis that becomes an integral part of your outdoor sanctuary, a place where tranquility, serenity, and your personal style harmoniously converge.
pool and water feature design in Chester, Montgomery, & Delaware Counties, PA.
Pool and Water Feature Design in Chester, Montgomery, and Delaware Counties PA

Crafting Water Wonders Tailored To You

DeLone Landscape Design goes beyond the mere creation of pools; we embark on a journey to craft exquisite aquatic paradises that resonate harmoniously with your environment, your aesthetic preferences, and your dreams. Our approach is holistic, beginning with a thorough analysis of your site. We carefully consider the natural features, contours, and surroundings to ensure that our designs seamlessly integrate into your existing landscape. The result is not just a pool or water feature, but a work of art that blends effortlessly with your outdoor space, reflecting your vision and becoming an integral part of your home’s story.

Where Lifestyle Meets
Liquid Art

Personalized Expression

Every Design Is A Canvas For Your Aspirations. We Capture Your Lifestyle And Translate It Into Waterscapes That Mirror Your Identity.

Seamless Integration

Our designs don’t interrupt; they enhance. We ensure your pool or water feature elegantly integrates with your existing structures and landscape.

Versatility Unleashed

Beyond pools, we design water features, koi ponds, retention ponds, and rain gardens each a distinct masterpiece

Swimming in Success

Beth Fuhr
Beth Fuhr
Jon’s design was perfect for us. He was there to make sure everything went well. He was more than patient when we had questions or concerns. I highly recommend him. He’s talented and has great ideas. Thanks Jon
Scott Croy
Scott Croy
Jon worked with us to redesign our old and problematic backyard landscaping. He gathered our opinions on styles as well as our interest and ability to maintain the landscaping to design something that worked really well for us. He addressed issues with drainage and high traffic areas and recommended a full design that met all our priorities. He was very collaborative and happy to take suggestions, as well as give great ideas. We had Jon support us through the whole project, from design to facilitating bids to marking planting locations on install to make sure all was perfect. He was also a great advocate for us when we had a couple small issues with the install to make sure our agreed plan wasn't compromised. Couldn't be happier with Jon's design style and service.
Amber Williams
Amber Williams
We hired John to create a custom landscape design that would address several grading issues and create a beautiful outdoor space. John's designs where amazing, way better then we ever could have come up with on our own, and we couldn't be happier with our completely transformed outdoor entertainment space. John is also down to earth, very responsive, and easy to work with.
Mark Plevyak
Mark Plevyak
Jonathan was fantastic! He really took the time to understand our needs/wants, was patient in our decision making process, and was cognizant of our budget when putting together the design. He is extremely creative and went above and beyond our expectations. We're in the process of executing on the plan he setup for us and excited to see the end result. Thanks Jonathan for all of your help! We really appreciate you and your services.
Megumi Woltermann
Megumi Woltermann
Jon designed the hill in our backyard. We had been wrestling what to do w/ it for years, so we finally took the plunge to get it professionally done. Easy to work with and gave us exactly what we asked for. We just completed installation of the project, and it looks fantastic.
G Dell
G Dell
Jon did a great job creating a beautiful planting design that also addressed grading / water issues for our property. Jon was very creative and did well to incorporate all of the things we were looking for into a cohesive vision. Amiable and great to work with.
Ann Bottcher
Ann Bottcher
Jon was a pleasure to work with, and I appreciate how well he listened to our vision for the space and transformed it into something better than we could have imagined! He was fun to work with and his experience and expertise were instrumental in moving the project along quickly, with great attention to detail. His extra efforts insured the project was on track and within budget. We look forward to working with him again for our next landscaping project!
Katherine Morris
Katherine Morris
Jon was great to work with! He was timely and consistent throughout the whole process. He worked with our crazy schedules and took the time to explain everything! Highly recommend his services and I can’t wait to see his design to come to life!!
Paulette Cooley
Paulette Cooley
Jon did a great job with redesigning our front and side landscaping and walkway. His ideas were creative and totally fit with the design we envisioned. great at listening and incorporating my ideas and changes And responded quickly and patiently to all questions. A real pleasure to work with!
Alli DeLone
Alli DeLone
Jon was great to work with and was always available when we had any questions or concerns. His design went above and beyond what I expected and we were extremely happy with the outcome. Not only did he meet our expectations with the design but Jon was with us for the entire installation process. Definitely will be referring him to friends and family.

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Our designers are artists, shaping water according to your desires, turning your property into a work of aquatic art.

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We consider every angle of your space, ensuring our designs enhance functionality while amplifying aesthetics

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From serene koi ponds to environmentally conscious rain gardens, our portfolio spans a spectrum of aquatic wonders

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